Vol. Schools Work  
  Voluntary Schools Work
Since 1998 Jon has been working with Open Air Campaigners (an inter-denominational Christian charity) and is an associate evangelist with them. He began taking assemblies, mostly in primary schools and occasionally secondary, in and around the Bristol area under the OAC banner and within two and a half years had taken over 250 services in schools.

Now, each academic year Jon usually takes over 100 assemblies as well as an entertaining Christmas themed show during December. He uses varied methods of presentation including sketchboard, illusions, music, visual aids and interactive stories.

"Thank you for visiting us and telling us about your life in more detail. You made me think about Jesus and God."

Year 3 Pupil after a classroom visit

  Jon has now been involved in schools work for over 10 years and has built up good working relationships with Head teachers and staff that result in regular return visits.

Since going full time, this ministry is the foundation of all that he does further a field.

“It was so fab to have someone come into school who is so passionate about their faith and willing to be open in sharing it with others. The way you told the stories was a new experience for us all and really held the children’s attention.”

G. Allard; Teacher, Cirencester

  While he aims to make the time enjoyable, Jon does not ‘hype’ the children up and so discourage a learning environment afterwards. If requested, some classroom time can be given afterwards with a year group or class to develop some teaching themes further or to help with a particular curriculum theme.

This input is given free of charge to the schools and is funded by support that Jon receives regularly and also from chargeable events he offers to organisations and churches.
Please contact Jon for further details on bookings at the following address:
Or call: 01275 849053
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